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French Press – How to find the best

Many people—especially travelers, hikers and backpackers—prefer them due to their ease of use, affordability and durability. They’re also more portable—you can conveniently bring and use them anywhere—and self-contained than other coffee makers.
So if you’re looking for a best french press, feel free to read the reviews and guides below on how to choose the best french press suitable for your special needs.


Parts of a French Press

Carafe/Pot — this is where the fresh brewed coffee drips. They come in different shapes—beaker, cylindrical, kettle, etc.,— and sizes.

Plunger & Lid — the part that you move (press) up and down to brew the coffee.

Filter & Screen — this is the one that filters the ground coffee. It is usually attached to the plunger.

How to use a French Press:

  1. Remove the lid and plunger
  2. Add the ground coffee on the carafe
  3. Pour the hot water evenly on the carafe
  4. Stir the ground coffee and hot water  (optional)
  5. Put back the plunger with the filter attached to the bottom.
  6. Wait for about 4 minutes for the coffee to brew (depending on the amount of coffee you’re brewing—the larger the amount the more time you need to wait)
  7. Move the plunger up and down

Glass, Stainless steel or Polycarbonate?

French presses are traditionally made of glass, but two more versions also exist—stainless steel and polycarbonate/thermoplastic. Which one is the best? Let’s rank them according to the following considerations.

Durability —the ability to endure or exist for long time without significant damage. The thicker the better.
Stainless steel

Portability — the ability to be carried and moved with ease. The lighter the better.
Stainless Steel
Cleaning & Maintenance
Stainless Steel
Heat Retention — the ability to keep the coffee warm longer.
Stainless steel

Note that we have ranked them based on the general characteristic of the materials used and not on the end product. Some french presses are specifically designed to stand out in a particular consideration, which is usually mentioned on their product description. 

Capacity —this is the maximum amount of coffee that can be placed inside the pot—8-cups (32 oz.) being the average size.
You must depend your decision on how much coffee you can drink, and whether you’re brewing for personal enjoyment or for guest serving.  But practically speaking a coffee maker good enough for guest serving is ideal.


Okay, now you’ve read our guides on how to find the best drip coffee maker for you, its your turn now! The final decision is still up to you, I suggest you read more actual customer reviews— the most honest reviews that you can rely on. Just take your time, and if you think this particular french press suits your needs and preferences, go and grab it!