How To Choose Kitchen Skink

Kitchen sinks are items used most often in the kitchen. Not only wash dishes but also making their own style if they are designed in accordance with the kitchen space. Therefore, when purchasing a kitchen sink, you can choose the type of long-term use without “old-fashioned” kitchen. The design of the kitchen also affects the type of sink is installed. Before considering to set up your kitchen, you need to answer what size you want.

The designer has given many suggestions including a standard 22”x24” single bowl model for kitchens smaller than 150 square feet. In case your kitchen has a space around that size, bring one to yours. There are many models that’s deep but not wide, which gives you enough space without taking up too much of your countertop. Then you need to know what best kitchen sinks in the market. But all of them there are 3 basics models you should know:


  • Single tub: size 500 x 600 x 200mm, easy to wash large pots pans, but the weakness is not saving water. This type is often used as a secondary sink, popular in restaurant
  • Double sinks: This is a common device used in homes today with two equally elected wash, packaging sizes cover 700 – 800mm length; 430 – 500mm width and 200 – 220mm for depth. This is a type for family of 4 members, with spacious and separate processing area.
  • Special sink: There are 3 or more tank or 2 tanks and 1 semi-processed surface, increasing the area used for washing area.

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A part of kitchen sink makes more effective to wash your dishes is the air compressor. This is a system to make pressure stream of water as the small, powerful shot high and far. With this system, you will get pleasure when using the product. Here, you can have the best advice on many models as well as the quality of the kitchen sinks. Some people confuse on many kinds of kitchen sinks such as a farmhouse sink, also known as an apron sink or apron front sink. This is a large, deep model which is easier to use and fit your space. You can find it easily in all showrooms and also get more advices from designer to make sure your kitchen changing totally.


Material of kitchen sinks is also an important part to choose the best one. What do the best option? Some productions launch their products with many materials like steel or iron. But Steel sinks are a common choice due to their durability, low cost and simple cleaning process. However, other options include porcelain, cast iron, composite stone and metals. Consider the overall aesthetic of your kitchen to determine which style best suits your space.

For advanced washing nozzles are mesh to create air bubbles at the top of the water washing process was shot, usually the kind associated with pelvic drain assembly. The type of hose nozzle body wash standards is long and very easy to handle high or low, convenient for use.

Also according to European standards for stainless steel sinks is 1mm thick, usually heart sink deep from 17-> 19 mm, the perineum with class noise. Trap systems of all these pots are inspired garbage and prevent cup to avoid smelly sinks and easily removable when taking the garbage. Moreover, this type of sink impurities (iron pencil …) is very low, so the surface is bright, pots and more particularly when the use of pickled foods like vegetables, fruits … not infected toxic, does not affect human health.

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