How to choose a washing machine

To buy the best washing machine suitable family conditions are not easy. Here Refrigeration Asia will guide you to buy yourself a good washing machine through advice articles below:

washing machine

  • Request to save electricity and water are more stringent targets in the improvement process washing machine. But you may still have to pay for the washing machine after washing finished goods remain dirt because of the huge difference in activity between the models.
  • The first thing to do when you decide to buy a washing machine that you plan ahead a little. Need to know their needs, for example: You spend much time doing laundry? You have a large family requires daily washing clothes? or single? or a childless couple?
  • Into consideration where the washing machine is also very important. If you live in the apartment where the machine might be a problem. If you have a multi-story house, the area is probably still a problem, but in terms of location in the home and how to change batch cleaning more convenient.
  • Think about when and how you wash clothes will help you decide which size to buy a washing machine and cleaning mode options suitable for the needs of his family. If you promote electricity savings, there are a few options to meet this requirement.
  • In short, in any case, the main point to consider buying a washing machine including the size and model, capacity, cleaning mode, temperature control and energy efficiency.

Here are some suggestions to help you can choose washing machines suitable for your home.


Washing machines typically for household sizes ranging from 60 cm to 84 cm. The sample size front loading washing machines are different.

Washer – dryer combination: designed for small spaces, can be kind of side-by-side or all in one. Before choosing one of these models, consider where it will be placed.

When buying a new washing machine, you have three choices of models: vertical cage washer (washer on the door); cage washer tilt and horizontal cage washer (front loading washing machines). Each type has advantages, and disadvantages.

Standing conventional cage washer

  • Pros: The washer lid open on the cheapest among the washing machines. Remove or add items to the laundry room in the middle of wash cycle is much easier than horizontal cage washer.
  • Cons: Using the most water and electricity more expensive. Most of the samples are quite noisy and can load imbalance. Power consumption of the front-loading washing machine averages about 420 watts.

Front-loading washing machine

  1. Washer cage tilt
  • Pros: Anatomy cage tilt with 3-dimensional washing effect and large rotation speed during washing washing improves performance. This type of washing machine parts to create ultrasound is capable of foaming gas, water supply lines to the washing machine soap dissolves faster penetration makes laundry easy, fast and energy efficient.
  • Cons: When squeezed, emits noise greater, more expensive than conventional washer and cage can stand on par with expensive horizontal cage washer.

2. Horizontal cage washer

The washing machine is only partially filled with water. They clean clothes by lifting up on top of empty clothes washing and drop them into the water. It works best with high-efficiency detergent, less foam.

  • Pros: The best front loading washing machines can be cleaner and more efficient the washing machine lid on the best high performance without additional costs. Most front-loading washing machine can be loaded from 5,4-9kg. Even machines with faster rotation speed machines open the lid on, reduce the time and energy wringing over. Front loading washing machines tend to run very smoothly (as some machines open the lid on). Many machines can be fitted with a dryer to save floor space.
  • Cons: front-loading washing machines with high spin speed can vibrate so much that the plant is located nearby. Price of front loading washing machines are more expensive than the washer lid open on. But keep in mind other costs when operating machinery such as water, electricity should be lower than that in the last analysis, front-loading washing machines are not more expensive than top-loading washing machine in terms of both product life cycle use.

Time to complete one load of laundry washing and cleaning the front door longer than top-loading washing machine, but with an average power consumption of 150 watts, counting out, front-loading washing machine is more efficient than washing machine on the door.

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