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The Different Types of Air Compressor

Are you looking for article guides about  air compressor reviews ?  you come right place!

After reading this article refering from aircompressortoday.com website, you can master more technical aspects of the compressor, the operation and work. For many years, it was common for shops to have a power source by utilizing the stored energy in the atmosphere, the pressure, and the heart of the system is the compressor. Air compressors are often used popular small model home, basement and garage to large manufacturing plants. It is capable of handling a lot of work is powering typical tools such as nail guns, drills, spray guns. The advantage of the tool does not need bulky engine but instead it has the ability to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. This causes the compressor to be compact, light and easy to handle gently.

How do the air compressors work?

For compressor uses rotating impeller to create pressure, it is mainly used by carpenters, mechanics … By reducing the size of the space containing the air as the air pressure increases with a reciprocating piston. A piston compressor with a crankshaft drive electric motor or gasoline engine, cylinder, piston, and the first to hold the amount of air valve containing the intake and exhaust valves in a preset voltage range and automatically maintain the pressure in the tank. This allows air to push open the valve and fill the piston so that it moves up, keep door closed valve and exhaust valve push open. Pressure switches is set aims to stop the engine when the tank pressure reaches a limit in accordance with the requirements of the engine pressure. Also, the tank has a safety valve and pressure switch reduces the pressure tank when compression is off. Coupling used piston lubrication of bearings and cylinders. These models, you should check the oil regularly and change the oil regularly to ensure longevity and durability.

Types of air compressors

Some popular type compressors may be mentioned as: Reciprocating Air Compressors is the most common with advantage of the principle of positive displacement; Rotary Screw Air Compressors with two screws twisted mating within a chamber to create a lot of friction and heat to keep operating smoothly; Rotary Scroll Air Compressors with rotary scroll compressor, which is done through the interaction of a spiral element and a fixed orbit and continuously repeated; Rotary Sliding Vane Air Compressors has a motor including a rotor, stator located between the rotor and contains, and tongue move outside and against the walls of the stator due to the rotational speed; Centrifugal Air Compressors based on dynamic compression without increasing the air pressure by increasing the velocity of air and push element over the first thanks to the support of the diffuser; Rocking Piston Compressors is a variant of the standard piston to increase the air pressure through the interaction of a connecting rod and piston without lubrication splash.

Type of Lubrication

This can be divided into: Oil-Free Compressors without  lubricant in order to function; Splash-Lubricated Compressors found on the bottom of the connecting rod; Pressure Lubrication Compressors which supplies the oil to all crucial segments.

When you understand this issue thoroughly, you will find what should and should not express an opinion when choosing compressors about how it works and its basic characteristics


How to choose led flashlight

Although the headlights have been widely used, however flashlight is still a choice to be irreplaceable when you want to bring the most powerful handheld light, have the ability to control light and deft precision, equipment Resetting a light to the task and signaling. These advances in production technology efficiency flashlight products created small, lightweight, handy and lighter than before. It’s easy to pick out the best LED flashlight for you after referring this article.

Factors when you are selecting a flashlight include:

  • Light output measured in lumens, said the intensity of light from the flashlight on high brightness settings, install more lighting. This is a tool to know the beam intensity, distance and type all affect the efficiency of light in the case. Light output can range from a modest 20 lumens to a scorching 3500 lumens terrain.
  • As far beam light will shine before the brightness decreases, as measured by the meter, with different distances with the brightness settings installed
  • Run Time measured by the hour, rounded to the nearest quarter hour long work to reduce the light output to 10% of the assessment of the new battery. Light output may decrease over time or suddenly reduced after the process runs continuously in a graph.
  • Impact resistance measured in meters, was tested by dropping into the concrete while maintaining the light is still functional, there is resistance to a light being run over, beaten with a heavy object.
  • Waterproof ability was assessed using IPX system. This is extremely important if you frequently have to use it in water.
  • Battery Type is an important factor in choosing a flashlight. With disposable batteries, which are used most or AA AAA, CR123A is a popular choice, but relatively expensive with a higher output voltage than the smaller size and weight, making there a bright flashlight in a smaller package and lighter. For rechargeable batteries, it was built in lithium-ion battery can be recharged via a USB connection, AC or DC outlet or solar energy at a higher upfront costs and reduce waste. The last type is renewable energy with integrated battery by a panel crank or solar energy is ideal for emergency kits.
  • Mode is divided into three levels of low, medium, high to have the option to throw a powerful beam on demand. Brightness mode may be shorter runtime. Some models may offer special mode so that users can program the sequence mode
  • Controls are divided into mode on / off lighting and switches with buttons and sliders or rotary. Typically, a flashlight is also now equipped with safety lock feature, preventing light from being accidentally switched on when not in use
  • Most flashlights are made of plastic or aluminum alloy. First flashlight use stainless steel. Agency cylinder is the most common shape, angularity against rolling supply and reduce slip grip.

When choosing buy flashlight, try to use it in dark places, to check the light from the flashlight is the most accurate and objective assessments.